November 11th, 2016 — 11:11am

This year makes 7 years and is the first time my sister, Sarah, and I spent this 11/11 anniversary together since the original day 11/11/09. Sarah lives in Jacksonville now, so we planned to meet up in Miami to have a weekend to ourselves in remembering our mom.

Spending time together this 11/11 especially made us appreciate our bond not only as sisters but as friends. Growing up, we weren’t the closest and these days we find our relationship more important than ever. We saw different signs of Mom in Miami, even though we’ve never spent time there before. These signs included a giraffe statue that reminded us of one of our favorite pictures of her in Korea, lots of birds (statues & alive ones), the abundance of art and decorative items she would have loved, all the tropical plants, and the diversity that is ever present in Miami.

This trip came at an extra weird and unexpected time around the election with America going through what feels like their own additional grief. Our Korean mom was an immigrant who never became a US Citizen, holding only a green card that kept her in the states because she was married to our dad who is a white U.S.-born citizen. It goes without saying that we do not support the president-elect Trump and fear the hate that he represents. Without getting too far down the path of political rhetoric … We stand TOGETHER for mom’s, for all women, for people of color, for immigrants, for minorities, for LOVE and HOPE in honor and the name of our mother Myong Sun Kim. 

kaleena and sarah




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