November 11th, 2014 — 11:11am

These photos are from spring 2009, I had no idea this would be the last spring garden my mom would grow with her own hands. Nonetheless, I know it is my mom who is still making new life grow in my garden with every year that goes by.


“even though you passed going on five long years
still waking up late at night crying tears
now i’m just missing you
how i wish

i wish that i could hold you now, i wish that i could touch you now
i wish that i could talk to you, be with you somehow
i know you’re in a better place, even though I can’t see your face
i know you’re smiling down on me, saying everything’s okay
i wish

voices in my head are telling me to go to church
say the lord is the only way for you to stop the hurt
waking up to life sometimes seems worse

i tell you folks don’t know the half
i would give it all up just to take one ride with you
with you

instead of throwing these stones at me
somebody pray for me

come on and braid my hair.”

Words can be hard in times like these, so I chose to share this song that has always touched me. It accurately captures all of the feelings. (lyrics above are modified from the r. kelley ‘i wish’ cover by how to dress well ‘waking up to life sometimes seems worse’)

“i lost my best friend and i sang this song for him. this was a really beautiful and sad experience for me–the video is the only take of the song, the first time i’ve ever played it, culling the lyrics from memory and singing from my soul with and for my boy. i hope if you’ve lost someone you love you know that this shit is from the bottom of the heart. ” -HTDW

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