November 11th, 2012 — 11:11am

Today was unplanned and I am thankful for the spontaneous adventure that unfolded for the second anniversary of this Eleven/Eleven project. My dear friend’s, An & Dickie surprised me with 11 balloons and the 11 cranes I had given to them one year ago (No. 355 – 365).

I took the cranes and balloons on a bike ride from my house to their house, releasing them on the ride. After sending off the birds and balloons, I found a home for some “lost cranes” from the past 2 years while revisiting the sites of past 11/11 anniversaries.

Today I was reminded how much this project has grown and transformed in ways that are beyond my own control. And even though I haven’t made as many cranes as I once did, this project will continue to serve it’s purpose as a way to share the memory of my mother.


No. 310 (Lost Crane)

No. 326 (“Lost Crane”)

No. 327 (“Lost Crane”)

No. 328  (“Lost Crane”)

No. 329 (“Lost Crane”)

No. 330 (“Lost Crane”)

No. 312  (“Lost Crane”)

No. 314  (“Lost Crane”)

No. 319  (“Lost Crane”)

Thank you to Paul for being the photographer during the bike trip and accompanying me on this rather spontaneous trip.


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  1. Allison


  2. Amber

    Miss ya, Leens.

  3. Drew

    I’m into this.

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