NO. 311 – 321

November 11th, 2011 — 12:00pm

Jennifer Snyder had requested a few cranes to take with her on a trip home to South Dakota. With it being the week of Eleven/Eleven, I decided to give her Eleven cranes for her journey. Along with her husband, Michael Pahn, they left the cranes in some wonderful places along with passing them onto some friends.

No. 311 National Music Museum – Vermillion, SD
“Left in the purple mums at the base of Immigrant Violinist sculpture which greets visitors in front of the museum.”


No. 313 Queen City Bakery – Sioux Falls, SD
“As we
 were checking out I noticed there were 3 paper cranes on the register. I asked the cashier if I could leave an eleveneleven crane wither her brood and she was super enthusiastic — turns out she LOVES origami and was super into your project. She puffed out the yellow cranes body so it’d sit right with the others. The other cranes were made by local artist Reina Okawa for the bakery.”


No. 316 “Varietate Concordia” – Falls Park, Sioux Falls, SD
Crane No. 316 is another testament to how this project continues to amaze me…


316 Varietate Concordia

316 Crane Sculptures

No.315 & 317 Robin
“Jennifer Snyder gave me cranes 315 and 317 to take with me on my Thanksgiving trip home to Louisiana/Texas.”
Crane #315 (with goose) is located in Waksom, TX.
Crane #317 (on bird feeder) is located in Shreveport, LA.

315 317

No.318 Michael Pahn – Suitland, MD on the grounds of the Smithonian’s Museum Support Center

No.320 Bettina – Silver Spring, MD
“I work with Jennifer Snyder who told me about your project and gave me one of your cranes. I put it in a pretty tree near my apartment in Silver Spring. I think this is a beautiful thing you are doing and I look forward to watching it grow.”

No.321 Gaithersburg, MD
“Crane 321 will live on my tiny silver tinsel tree this year as a reminder of those happy Christmases of my youth. It will also be there in remembrance of those family and friends who’ve passed on. But maybe, most importantly, it will be there as a symbol of hope in the coming year for everyone that enters our home.” -Jennifer

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