NO. 308

November 9th, 2011 — 12:03am


No. 308 Sean McCormick – Edina, MN

Sean is a photographer that I met doing work with The General Design Company. I recently came across his tumblr after a twitter reply to find out he was diagnosed with cancer last month. I admired his candor about the start of his process and immediately contacted him to send a paper crane of Hope.

Read more from his blog below:

Diagnosis and Treatment, No. 1 >>  

“On October 1st, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  On October 11th, I started chemotherapy.  My world went from busy to surreal, from surreal to very real. It’s a fairly rare form of the disease and the numbers are average, but math was never my strong subject.  So piss on the numbers.  I’ve decided to try and do what I do best, or at least fairly well.  Photograph the treatment process.  Not every post will have the look of these, they simply reflect what I felt at the time, uncertainly, boredom, and a certain amount of fear.  This is not a private thing or else why would I be posting it here? Cancer casts a wide net, and I have found this to be extremely helpful.  I have the most magnificent family and friends a man can ask for.  Thanks.” – Sean

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