No. 168-206

February 21st, 2011 — 12:47am

11 paper cranes on each of the 5 metro lines of Washington DC.

The Washington Metro has 5 train lines each associated with a color: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, and Orange. I decided I would make 11 cranes of each color and place them at some of the metro stations and on the trains themselves. The result is 55 cranes spread along the metro system after a 7 hour adventure. I had the paper ready in my bag, and made the cranes while waiting for the trains and while riding them stop to stop.

*I still have 5 more blue cranes and 11 orange cranes to place. Unfortunately the orange/blue lines were receiving service over the President’s weekend, making it difficult to ride and place cranes in different stations.

In order to look inconspicuous and to move quickly, I didn’t photograph every crane.
But here are a few…

bag of crane paper









Saturday, February 19
Yellow Line
No. 168 Yellow Line → Fort Totten (3:30pm)
No. 169 Shaw-Howard Univ. Station
No. 170 Yellow Line → Fort Totten (3:40pm)
No. 171 U Street/Afr. American Memorial Station
No. 172 Yellow Line → Fort Totten (3:50pm)
No. 173 Columbia Heights Station
No. 174 Yellow Line → Fort Totten (4:00pm)
No. 175 Georgia Ave/Petworth Station
No. 176 Yellow Line → Fort Totten (4:20pm)
No. 177 Fort Totten Station
No. 178 Yellow Line → Huntington (4:30pm)

Red Line
No. 179 Farragut North Station
No. 180 Red Line → Glenmont (6:05pm)
No. 181 Metro Center Station
No. 182 Red Line → Shady Grove (6:20pm)
No. 183 Friendship Heights Station
No. 184 Red Line → Glenmont (6:30pm)
No. 185 Tenleytown/AU Station
No. 186 Red Line → Shady Grove (6:40pm)
No. 187 Red Line → Glenmont (6:50pm)
No. 188 Woodley Park-Zoo Station
No. 189 Red Line → Glenmont (7:00pm)

Blue Line
No. 190 Blue Line → Springfield (7:15pm)
No. 181 Farragut West Station
No. 182 Blue Line → Metro Center (7:30pm)
No. 183 Blue Line → Springfield (7:35pm)
No. 184 Mcpherson Square Station
No. 185 Blue Line → Springfield (7:45pm)

Green Line
No. 196 Green Line → Branch Ave (8:15pm)
No. 197 Anacostia Station
No. 198 Green Line → Greenbelt (8:45pm)
No. 199 Navy Yard Station
No. 200 Green Line → Greenbelt (9:00pm)
No. 201 Waterfront Station
No. 202 Green Line → Greenbelt (9:15pm)
No. 203 Green Line → Branch Ave (9:25pm)
No. 204 Green Line → Greenbelt (9:30pm)
No. 205 L’Enfant Station
No. 206 Green Line → Greenbelt (9:45pm)

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  1. sarahannporter

    paper cranes on metro make me wanna travel the metro with you (i don’t think i’d ever go alone) and help put little birdies everywhere.

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