NO. 163 & 164

February 19th, 2011 — 11:03pm

“I came across one of your cranes a few weeks ago while running on the art museum steps. The crane puzzled me and peaked my interest as to its origin. I then saw the website written on it and decided to contact you. I travel a lot and would like to take your creations to some of the places I will be going to this year, curacao and ethiopia.”

-Dave Horner, Philadelphia PA

No. 163 – Spanish Water View, Curacao
“I wandered all week wondering where i could place this little crane. Do I leave it in the colorful town of Willamstead…or on the beautiful sandy beach…there were so many interesting places and I wanted it to be found. Then I happened an old fort on my drive south of the capital. The fort was unmarked but had a tower, ramparts and canons. overgrown with brush but still explored on occasion. The place was called spanish water view. Ahis was the place! A great place to leave this little treasure to be found by another adventure.” – Dave


No. 164 Lalibela, Ethiopia
“This place caught my eye as a place to leave this little treasure. the church was built into the cliffs/cave. It was a very quiet and peaceful place.” -Dave



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