NO. 057

December 6th, 2010 — 12:34am

A little hope sent for Grandpa Stauffer early in December, now lives in loving memory 12/25/2010.

crane 57

“My mom couldn’t decide where to photograph her crane – she had it in flowers and trees and all over, and for the time it was living on a shelf in our kitchen. So after Grandpop passed, I had to walk over to my house to get something. I saw the crane and put it in my pocket, figured I could take some hope back with me. When I went to put my coat down on my grandmom’s bed, I saw the picture of them and knew that this is where the crane should live. Grandmom knew all about eleven/eleven from my mom sharing it and now she has a little extra hope with her.” – Lesley Hartman, 12/26/2010

No. 057 Helen Hartman – Reading, PA


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  1. lh

    grandpop stauffer… I hope someone good found my button.

  2. allison

    les…i’m so sorry about your grandfather. i’m glad you and your family could all be together. the crane is perfect next to that picture. thinking of you <3

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